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all fun and games …

because a trip to a beer festival to raise money for breast cancer research is always more fun with popsicles (until you get the sticks stuck up your nose) … yup.

b lab audit 6 of 8 – us tile

the largest of the companies we visited, us tile has over 300 employees in their corona, ca based company.  we got to take a tour of their manufacturing facilities to see how their clay roofing tiles were made - even though it was probably over 100 degrees in there ... very cool.

b lab audit 5 of 8 – green design systems

behind the scenes with the mastermind of green design systems - and then DDDrinks (and pizza) to catch up with some friends from digital divide data(.org)

tahoe, cute pups and ‘kalicia, party of two’

thanks to b lab's CTO, his wife and their two hugely adorable dogs - kate and i had a mandatory escape-to-tahoe weekend.  after our morning walk, we explored downtown truckee, starting with breakfast at the Squeeze In, famous for their "best omelets on the planet." i, of course, got french toast - but i did try kate's cream cheese and →

b lab audit 4 of 8 – indigenous designs

we should have known that indigenous designs was going to be a cool place when we were greated by the adorable office dog, indy.  or, perhaps when the owner showed us to his favorite local vietnamese restaurant for lunch and i had the best grilled pork vermicelli plate of my life.  yeah, that was the clincher. in all honesty, though, indigenous →

b lab audit 3 of 8 – create. love. wallets.

no audit photos here, folks. but this one perhaps captures the entire day in a glance. let's just say that when you leave your wallet behind at an audit an hour outside of LA, that's not really conducive to getting on an airplane. that's when my favorite equation, M=EA, takes full effect. mishap = excellent adventure. stephanie →

LA, take two

kate and i got a sweet hookup at a downtown hotel (thanks, priceline) with some stars right outside our front door. the "dear abby" star reminded me of the adam sandler hanukkah song.  and the "dionne warwick" star reminds me of cher and dionne in the movie clueless.  i know that's wrong. speaking of things that are wrong, we could not →

hub and blue bottle

got to the hub early to catch some before-hours world cup action.  then met kat for some super swankay coffay at blue bottle cafe.

b lab audit 2 of 8 – essential living foods

our first of four LA area audits, kate and i had the pleasure of visiting the fine folks at essential living foods in santa monica.  amrit was extremely well prepared, which made the process easy.  we also got a great tour of the facility and even got to sample some of the amazing products ELF makes.  i think i can →

fausey falcon turned LA police

one of the reasons i love facebook.  over a year ago, it allowed me to get back in touch with a fausey school fave. then, there was a whole country between us.  who knew that a little while later we'd be chatting it up with only a kitchen table in the way (ok, and some oreos - nice). kate and i →