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quick paper, quick tailgate

tailgate trumps paper, hands down.

brewmasters (1 of 3): is it wort it?

we had zero real idea of what we were doing, but drinking while brewing definitely helps with the creative process.  it's not supposed to be creative?  oh ...

pot lucky

net impact potluck, take one:

umass invades chapel hill: the crafty vintage-ness

i couldn't have planned the timing of the crafty, downtown festifall better myself. and of course there was vintage and consignment shopping - woot!

umass invades chapel hill: the tailgate

a cooke and kelley visit mandates as big a tailgate as possible.  and so it was done:

umass invades chapel hill

cooke and kelley came for one of the best fall weekends i've had in awhile ... the toughest decision on day one was deciding which of cooke's magical musical mixes we should listen to while waiting for kelley. the answer? the "waiting for kelley" mix, a'course!  once she arrived, we tried to stay up and chat, but older and tired-er →

making creativity look easy

inspired by an earring she saw at the vintage street fair the weekend before, cooke gets to hammerin' - always love to see her create.

vintage, vino, and a pregnant rockstar

pretty much my favorite day in and around san fran with cooke, wine ... and some of her closest west coast buds.  a definite highlight was her 9ish month pregnant friend who was filling in as lead singer for her friend's band - "just crossing something off my bucket list, so be kind."  this. momma. rocked!

worlds collide: shabnam at the hub!

shabnam (of DDD and cambodia fame) was in SF at the hub to participate in the unreasonable institute's west coast pitch fest.  and she rocked it.  she's now traveling on the teach tour. what is it, you ask?  i'm so glad you did.  from the mouth of shabnam herself: The purpose of the tour is to both explore education at the →

weekend vintage pursuits, now with more hugs

a typical day in contocooke land - at a downtown SF vintage/craft/cupcake market ...