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brewmasters (3 of 3): people liked it!

our mad madam mim brew was a hit* at the 4 and 1/2th annual kenan-flagler case competition. this year, the homebrew fest coincided with another competition, of the flavor savor variety: the movember moustache competition/prostate cancer fundraiser.  brew teams got extra points for moustaches, so meng made us a few.  my favorite was the tom selleck. This particular photo courtesy of →

birthday roller derby

jsabs' birthday just happened to coincide with a roller derby double header, so of course we had to go.  the names alone were worth the $6 entry fee.  the frosty beverages, caramel apples and cotton candy?  just frosting on the jsabs birthday cake ...

brewmasters (2 of 3): you gotta trust your yeast

because, really ... what other choice was there but to wait and see?  before the cover was even closed on the big bucket of wort, we had decided that our oktoberfest lager would, in fact, be brewed as an ale because it was less temperature sensitive and generally easier for our severe brew newbie-ness. after some weeks of wondering →

yay, baby coker!

celebrating ariana and lee's soon-to-be newest addition with food, friends and ridiculously awesome party games:

two interviews, one job?

hoping that the fortune from my pre-interviews chinese food was going to be right on the money.

quick paper, quick tailgate

tailgate trumps paper, hands down.

brewmasters (1 of 3): is it wort it?

we had zero real idea of what we were doing, but drinking while brewing definitely helps with the creative process.  it's not supposed to be creative?  oh ...

it’s 20 seconds to the last call

Went with my new favorite concert contingent to see Phoenix at the Koka Booth Ampitheatre in Cary.  I was told the show would "rock my face" ... fact.