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fausey falcon turned LA police

one of the reasons i love facebook.  over a year ago, it allowed me to get back in touch with a fausey school fave. then, there was a whole country between us.  who knew that a little while later we’d be chatting it up with only a kitchen table in the way (ok, and some oreos – nice).

kate and i landed in LA for our first of four audits there.  ken, now a police but always a gentleman, met us at the airport and escorted us to our rental car (while introducing us to hot funyuns in the process – really?!)  kate does her best vanna with them in front of the rental car.

later that night, ken and i talked about the past and attempted to get caught up to the present, but we ran out of time before eyelids had to close  and not even ice cream could sustain us – so we’ll have to save the rest for the future.

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