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Which brings back memories of that day's attempt to photograph the people of Mombasa.

brewmasters (3 of 3): people liked it!

our mad madam mim brew was a hit* at the 4 and 1/2th annual kenan-flagler case competition. this year, the homebrew fest coincided with another competition, of the flavor savor variety: the movember moustache competition/prostate cancer fundraiser.  brew teams got extra points for moustaches, so meng made us a few.  my favorite was the tom selleck. This particular photo courtesy of →

birthday roller derby

jsabs' birthday just happened to coincide with a roller derby double header, so of course we had to go.  the names alone were worth the $6 entry fee.  the frosty beverages, caramel apples and cotton candy?  just frosting on the jsabs birthday cake ...

brewmasters (2 of 3): you gotta trust your yeast

because, really ... what other choice was there but to wait and see?  before the cover was even closed on the big bucket of wort, we had decided that our oktoberfest lager would, in fact, be brewed as an ale because it was less temperature sensitive and generally easier for our severe brew newbie-ness. after some weeks of wondering →

yay, baby coker!

celebrating ariana and lee's soon-to-be newest addition with food, friends and ridiculously awesome party games:

two interviews, one job?

hoping that the fortune from my pre-interviews chinese food was going to be right on the money.

quick paper, quick tailgate

tailgate trumps paper, hands down.

brewmasters (1 of 3): is it wort it?

we had zero real idea of what we were doing, but drinking while brewing definitely helps with the creative process.  it's not supposed to be creative?  oh ...

making creativity look easy

inspired by an earring she saw at the vintage street fair the weekend before, cooke gets to hammerin' - always love to see her create.

vintage, vino, and a pregnant rockstar

pretty much my favorite day in and around san fran with cooke, wine ... and some of her closest west coast buds.  a definite highlight was her 9ish month pregnant friend who was filling in as lead singer for her friend's band - "just crossing something off my bucket list, so be kind."  this. momma. rocked!

worlds collide: shabnam at the hub!

shabnam (of DDD and cambodia fame) was in SF at the hub to participate in the unreasonable institute's west coast pitch fest.  and she rocked it.  she's now traveling on the teach tour. what is it, you ask?  i'm so glad you did.  from the mouth of shabnam herself: The purpose of the tour is to both explore education at the →

weekend vintage pursuits, now with more hugs

a typical day in contocooke land - at a downtown SF vintage/craft/cupcake market ...

tahoe, cute pups and ‘kalicia, party of two’

thanks to b lab's CTO, his wife and their two hugely adorable dogs - kate and i had a mandatory escape-to-tahoe weekend.  after our morning walk, we explored downtown truckee, starting with breakfast at the Squeeze In, famous for their "best omelets on the planet." i, of course, got french toast - but i did try kate's cream cheese and →

b lab audit 4 of 8 – indigenous designs

we should have known that indigenous designs was going to be a cool place when we were greated by the adorable office dog, indy.  or, perhaps when the owner showed us to his favorite local vietnamese restaurant for lunch and i had the best grilled pork vermicelli plate of my life.  yeah, that was the clincher. in all honesty, though, indigenous →

LA, take two

kate and i got a sweet hookup at a downtown hotel (thanks, priceline) with some stars right outside our front door. the "dear abby" star reminded me of the adam sandler hanukkah song.  and the "dionne warwick" star reminds me of cher and dionne in the movie clueless.  i know that's wrong. speaking of things that are wrong, we could not →

hub and blue bottle

got to the hub early to catch some before-hours world cup action.  then met kat for some super swankay coffay at blue bottle cafe.

b lab audit 2 of 8 – essential living foods

our first of four LA area audits, kate and i had the pleasure of visiting the fine folks at essential living foods in santa monica.  amrit was extremely well prepared, which made the process easy.  we also got a great tour of the facility and even got to sample some of the amazing products ELF makes.  i think i can →

fausey falcon turned LA police

one of the reasons i love facebook.  over a year ago, it allowed me to get back in touch with a fausey school fave. then, there was a whole country between us.  who knew that a little while later we'd be chatting it up with only a kitchen table in the way (ok, and some oreos - nice). kate and i →

unc in sf is always good

met up with emily for some mexican, beer and a good chat (not necessarily in that order).

unexpected pride and a mini reunion

a 2/3rds lexington ave reunion (lora, you were missed).  met one of my former cambridge roommates (and one of the most creative bartenders i know) along with two of his friends at a bar i could picture him owning. since it was a sunny san fran day, decided to walk there, and literally ran into copious pride festival celebrations - it →

quick hike … and a wedding

quick pre-wedding morning hike to lookout point.  2 miles round trip was perfect to get everyone ready for the meadow festivities.  photos from thereon out are a.) limited and b.) fuzzier than normal.  hey, a gal's gotta get ready herself, you know?  especially when she's getting ready ... herself.  that's not entirely true.  the bride did my hair because, well →

hetch hetchy valley hike and meadow setup

yes, i said meadow setup.  how else would you have a do-it-yourself, cooke-crafted matrimonial bit of ballyhoo?  exactly.  the hike was beautiful, full of butterflies and wildflowers - so many photo ops it took the troupe 4x as long to get out to the waterfall as it did to get back.  as for the meadow, cooke had vision and it →

fire danger high, wedding danger low

en route to yosemite for the amazingly crafty and homegrown cooke-russell wedding festivities.  a bit of smoke on the way, but that did not keep me from putting the final touches on the 'ol wingwoman speech.

from new home to new home

photo of my new chapel hill street.  how is it possible that i just met it and already ... i am in love?  then ... breakfast with lysandra before she drove me to the airport in her new fancy red car.  on the other end of my flight? san francisco, my bestest bud, her comfy couch, some wedding craziness, and →