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charlie’s kindergarten picnic

double baseball and double munchkins

got to catch both jack and charlie play baseball at my grade school alma mater - at the same time, no doubt.  then had a sangria night with heather and her almost one-year-olds (well, they didn't have any sangria, of course).

140 miles and a drive-in

order from the car doctors to drive 140ish miles on my new-used catalytic converter before coming back to get a sticker, so i took a mini road trip right over the border to vermont.  then, i joined amanda, lynner and kathy (and kids, of course) at one of the last few drive-ins in massachusetts.

life is just a bowl of cherries …

got jack and charlie off the bus and then took jack to his baseball game. he pitched two outs - wham.  amanda and i then picked my car up at brad's (i have to drive 140 miles on the new catalytic converter before taking it back in for an inspection sticker - rejection never felt so good). we each took →

how to be a kid

it's quite simple, really.  you run around like crazy in your pajamas while your mom tells you it's way past time you got dressed.  then you eat a donut or two (from the best donut shop on the planet, no doubt) ... and head to the bus.  side note: i had to get some work done on my car, so →

off the beaten path

who says you can never go home again?  not this gal.