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vintage, vino, and a pregnant rockstar

pretty much my favorite day in and around san fran with cooke, wine ... and some of her closest west coast buds.  a definite highlight was her 9ish month pregnant friend who was filling in as lead singer for her friend's band - "just crossing something off my bucket list, so be kind."  this. momma. rocked!

it’s 20 seconds to the last call

Went with my new favorite concert contingent to see Phoenix at the Koka Booth Ampitheatre in Cary.  I was told the show would "rock my face" ... fact.

amanda’s ovation

it is also the same guitar that charlie played on lost.  and the same brand that melissa etheridge and kaki king use.  i will do it zero justice, but will fiddle around with it while home.  oh, and a pic of my favorite coffee shop - a regular reading/writing hangout.